Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Too many flies on you





I went car shopping with a girl I went to high school with. This isn't something I'd normally do, considering it best not to let friends discover the little neuroses that come out in car buying situations. I mean, if the car sales person sees you're a total nutjob, that's okay because once the sale is made, you're done with him. But a friend, well, that's a much different level of nutjob intimacy. But, I figured it would be all right because she lives in Oklahoma and I live here.

Anyway, she bought a 2015 blue Corvette. I so badly wanted to tell her she was just going through a mid-life crisis and if she just took three deep breaths, it'd be over. Not wanting to hurt her feelings, though, I refrained. I ended up getting a 1974 Cutlass. Unfortunately, my car broke down as I was driving it off the lot. So, they gave me a loaner 1971 GM of some sort. It was beige and I didn't much pay attention to anything else about it.

I drove the loaner back to work, but, all the parking spaces were taken. So, I squeezed onto the sidewalk between the parking lot and the building. When I got off work, and I walked out the door, I was pretty sure the loaner would be gone and it was. There were only about three cars in the parking lot, and I was certain none were my loaner. The car farthest away from the building was a 1953 Pontiac Chieftan two-tone sedan in cream puff condition, and I wished that was my car.

Figuring the loaner got towed, I called the police to report it so I could try to get it back, While I was waiting for the cop, I found a rusty old unicycle in the landscaping between the sidewalk and the building. I decided to attempt to ride it across the parking lot to the Pontiac, just to check it out, and I was surprised how easy it was to ride a unicycle. When the cop showed up, and I was unable to describe the loaner, he looked at me very suspiciously and started questioning me about crimes in the area.

And then I woke up.

* I just can't brush them off...

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Monday, April 21, 2014

You may be poor


Sunrise of pastels.

* Must read: 'Why Am I Dead?' He Never Asked. Here's The Answer He Never Heard.

* In case you ever wondered: cross-leveling.

* My daughter and son-in-law went on a day trip to Cairo, Illinois, today.

* But when the Lord gets ready, you gotta move....................... (Best of set.)

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

When you touch down


Tower. Birds. Sunset.

* AP: Illinois Medicaid paying for dead clients:

The Illinois Medicaid program paid an estimated $12 million for medical services for people listed as deceased in other state records, according to an internal state government memo.
The memo dated Friday, which The Associated Press obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, says the state auditor compared clients enrolled in the Medicaid database last June with state death records dating back to 1970. Auditors identified overpayments for services to roughly 2,900 people after the date of their deaths.

Whoa. We need a lot more information on this situation. Not the least of which, who committed the fraud, if it was fraud? Was it medical providers? Was it someone who assumed the identity of a dead person? Was it a one time thing for certain dead people, or was it ongoing? Since 1970? Until we get the rest of the story, this article gets marked as nothing more than an attempt to rile masses.

The article does mention that $7 million has already been recovered, and the rest will be recovered by the end of the year. But that won't be enough to stop the usual suspects in the peanut gallery from their predictable and boring gnashing of teeth.

* All Hail the Cutout:

Where regularly-priced albums were six or seven dollars back in the 1970s, cutouts often sold for a couple of bucks and sometimes less. And while I loved music, I loved getting music for cheap even more—and as a result, I became a denizen of the cutout bins forever after.

* Know your local record store: Oak Park Records.

* Standing In Line on Record Store Day 2014.

* You'll find that it's stranger than known....

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Three men made a solemn vow




* We called it John Barleycorn Memorial Pub back in the day. Now, after half a century, it's closing. Never a bad time. Farewell, old friend. See you on the flip side.

* The Police Raided My Friend's House Over a Parody Twitter Account. Now that it's plastered all over the internet and there are innumerable parody accounts about him, I wonder if the mayor of Peoria gets it.

* I received the most wonderful postcard from the French Quarter today. Thank you, Rob. It made my week.

* John Barleycorn must die.

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Thirty days




* ‘Relic of True Cross’ on display at local church:

One of the most venerated objects in Roman Catholic tradition — a sliver of wood said to be from the cross on which Christ died on the first Good Friday — has been quietly on display since 1945 in St. Francis of Assisi Church east of Springfield.

* Photos: Just under 60,000 undocumented migrants were deposited in Tijuana, Mexico, from the US last year.

* 18 Scrumptious Polish Dishes That Will Rock Your World. No Babka, though.

* Check your typing speed.

* $100 to register for medical marijuana under state rules.

* Listen: Understanding hemp as a legal crop with “Organic Cowboy,” Doug Fine:

As the widely contested legalization of marijuana in the United States is increasingly making headlines, pot’s non-psychoactive cousin, hemp, became legal earlier this year. The Agricultural Act of 2014 allows for 13 states’ universities and state agricultural departments to study the growth, cultivation and marketing of industrial hemp, the first time in about 75 years.

* In the hole.

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